Teachers Circulars 2017
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  Link   Circular 2017/04: Issued on 22 March 2017
The purpose of this circular is to:
• request Annual Return data for 2016-17
• confirm submission deadlines and HMRC penalties
• inform employers about the new dedicated online Annual Returns area
• confirm that data should be submitted through the EDM portal
• indicate the schedule of relevant dates
  Link   Circular 2017/03: Issued on 14 March 2017
The purpose of this circular is to:
• highlight the timescales for submission of summer retiral applications
• clarify process for late applications
• confirm the information required
• highlight facility for accepting electronic submission of applications
• direct requests for benefit estimates to My Pension online service
  Link   Circular 2017/02: Issued on 17 March 2017
The purpose of this circular is to provide information on the disclosure of salary and pension information.
  Link   Circular 2017/01 Annex
Annex to Circular 2017/01
  Link   Circular 2017/01: Issued on 08 March 2017
The purpose of this circular is to:
Notify employers of the increase to public service pensions with effect from 10 April 2017. Employers should apply these increases to mandatory and discretionary compensation payments that they pay to retired teachers.
Advise that the rate to be used for the annual revaluation of Career Average Revalued Earnings (CARE) benefits accrued in the 2015 Teachers’ Pension scheme for active members is 2.6%
Advise employers of the employee contribution pay bandings for 2017/2018

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