Police Circulars 2017
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  Link   Circular 2017/03: Issued on 20 April 2017
The purpose of this circular is to provide clarification on:
• Surviving Adult Partner pensions under the 2006 and 2015 pension schemes following the Judicial review of the application by Denise Brewster at the Supreme Court
  Link   Circular 2017/02: Issued on 31 March 2017
The purpose of this circular is to:
• request Annual Return data for 2016-17
• confirm submission deadlines and HMRC penalties
• inform employers about the new dedicated online Annual Returns area
• confirm that data should be submitted via email to the RMT mailbox
• indicate the schedule of relevant dates
  Link   Circular 2017/01: Issued 08 March 2017
The purpose of this circular is to:
confirm that, in common with other public service pension schemes, there will be a 1% increase in the value of police pensions in payment (and deferred pensions) from 10 April 2017;
advise that the rate to be used for the annual revaluation of benefits accrued in the 2015 Police Pension Scheme by active members is 2.25%.

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