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  Link   Additional Pension
This factsheet provides information for members on buying additional pension.
  Link   Cost and Contributions
This factsheet is designed for the use of the Scottish Teachers’ Pension Scheme and can be read in conjunction with the member’s guide.
  Link   How the transfer process works
On receipt of your written application to investigate a transfer we will contact your former scheme and request the transfer details.
  Link   Ill Health Retirement
This factsheet provides information about applying for Ill Health retirement and the benefits payable.
  Link   Increasing your Pension Benefits
This factsheet provides information on increasing your pension benefits.
  Link   Leaving the Scheme
This factsheet is designed for members of the National Health Service Pension Schemes (Scotland) and the Scottish Teachers’ Pension Schemes (STPS)
  Link   Lifetime Allowance factsheet 2015
Active members who do not have Full or Tapered Protection in their current pension scheme will be moved over to the new 2015 scheme on 1 April 2015. If you have HMRC Enhanced Protection, FP2012 and F 2014 it will be lost.
  Link   Lump Sum Choice
The purpose of this factsheet is to help you make a choice about the lump sum you want to receive and to complete your retirement application form.
  Link   Phased Retirement
Phased Retirement allows members of the STSS to reduce their working commitment while releasing a proportion of their pension benefi ts in the lead up to full retirement.
  Link   Premature Retirement
This factsheet provides information for members about Premature retirement.
  Link   Pre Retirement Factsheet
A factsheet with information on all things to consider before you retire
  Link   Preserved/Deferred Members
This factsheet provides information to preserved or deferred members on their options after leaving the scheme.
  Link   Re-employment
This factsheet provides information should you become re-employed after retirement.
  Link   Re-employment Examples
This factsheet is designed for the use of the Teachers' Pension Schemes and should be read in conjunction with the scheme member's guide.
  Link   Taxation
This factsheet provides details about Taxation issues such as Annual Allowance and Lifetime Allowance
  Link   Transfering in
A pension transfer involves the payment to SPPA of a sum of money (a transfer value) from another pension scheme to increase your benefits in SPPA. This money represents what you have built up through your membership of that scheme. It is the amount the scheme will pay to SPPA if you decide to give up your entitlement to benefits from that scheme.
  Link   Winding Down
This factsheet provides information on Winding Down as a phased retirement option which offers those members approaching their retirement age, the opportunity to continue in employment on a part-time basis whilst protecting their overall final retirement pension entitlement.

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