2008 Section Factsheets

2008 Section Factsheets

These Factsheets provide additional information for members of the NHS Superannuation Scheme Scotland post April 2008 Section (the Scheme). The contents should be read in conjunction with the member’s guide for the Scheme.

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  Link   Ill Health Retirement
If you have at least two years Qualifying Service, are not in receipt of a pension for ill health and are too ill to work in your present job until your Normal Pension Age you may be able to retire early and take your Pension benefits.
  Link   Leaving Early
The Scheme provides a number of options for members who leave the Scheme before reaching the Schemes normal pension age. The options available depend on your age and the length of your pensionable service.
  Link   Partial Retirement
If you reduce your pensionable pay by at least 10% and you have reached the minimum retirement age of 55 you may partially retire and take some of your benefits. The benefits would be reduced if they are paid before your 65th birthday. Your pensionable pay must remain reduced for at least a year otherwise you will cease to be eligible for the pension that you have taken.
  Link   Premature Retirement
If you are made redundant or retired prematurely in the interests of the efficiency of the service, your pension benefits may be paid immediately. You must have at least two years’ service and have reached minimum pension age to qualify for your pension benefits to be paid.

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