Frequently Asked Questions

Here we detail answers to some commonly asked questions concerning the STSS Scheme.

Working after Retirement

Q. Can I continue to work after receiving retirement benefits?

A. Yes. You can take on further employment as a teacher after a break in service of at least one calendar day.

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Pension Benefits

Q. I joined the scheme after 1 April 2007. How much will I receive when I retire?

A. You will be entitled to annual pension of 1/60th of your pensionable salary for each year's reckonable service, with the option of exchanging some of your pension (up to 25% of your fund value) for a larger lump sum.

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Retiring from the Scheme

Q. Can I continue to work beyond normal pension age and accrue benefits in the scheme?

A. Yes. The scheme rules allow you to work beyond normal pension age accruing up to a maximum of 45 years service.

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Leaving the STSS

Q. What happens to my pension when I leave pensionable employment?

A. If you leave pensionable employment there are three options open to you:

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