Deferred Membership

We are currently focused on ensuring that retirement applications are processed and paid on time for teachers retiring at the end of this school year. Once all the retirement applications are processed at the end of August we will then be able to deal with any request for an estimate of your benefits.

If you have left or leave teaching employment or decide to opt out the scheme before becoming entitled to receive retirement benefits and have over two years qualifying service, your benefits will be deferred and will be payable from normal pension age 60 or 65.

Members who have deferred benefits may rejoin the scheme at any time prior to normal pension age. This additional service will be linked with your deferred service and all periods of reckonable service will be used in the calculation of benefits.  If you have not qualified when you leave, you may qualify later if you return to teaching and claim your benefits at Normal Pension Age (NPA). All deferred benefits are index linked from the date you leave.

When you wish to retire you must contact SPPA in writing at least three months prior to your intended retirement date. SPPA will not contact you and nothing is done automatically. You should refer to the website for up to date information and contact details for SPPA.

You can choose to take early retirement, between age 55 and NPA, where you have been in pensionable employment on or after 1 July 2002. Benefits will be permanently actuarially reduced, however, in the unlikely event that the reduced pension is less than your Guaranteed Minimum Pension*, you will not be able to use this option. You may be able to choose to 'give up' some of your pension to provide a larger tax free lump sum provided you were in service on the 1 April 2007.

Deferred benefits may become payable before normal pension age if you become permanently incapable of any further employment due to ill-health reasons. However, before payment on these grounds can be made, your ill-health would have to be confirmed by our Medical Adviser.

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