Scheme Advisory Boards

The Public Service Pensions Act 2013 establishes in law the requirement to establish Scheme Advisory Boards the purpose of which is to provide advice to the Responsible Authority, at the Responsible Authority's request, on the desirability of changes to the design of the scheme and the implication of other policy issues.

There will be five policy-focussed Scheme Advisory Boards established, one for each of the Scottish NHS, Teachers', Police, Firefighters' and Local Government schemes. With partnership composition, these are not significantly dissimilar to the partnership arrangements that have previously existed. Firmly focussed on the policy of the scheme in question, Scheme Advisory Boards provide an important route for Ministers to seek advice around policy matters relating to the pension scheme in question.

The Responsible Authority for these purposes is the "Scottish Ministers" with the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution taking the lead as the Minister with pensions' responsibility.

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