HMRC tax code issues - NHS and Teacher's scheme pensioners

The SPPA is aware that HMRC has assigned incorrect tax codes to some pensioner members of the Scottish Teachers' and Scottish NHS pension schemes.  That has resulted in a small number of people who were due to receive pension payments on 31st January not receiving a payment.

We are advising those affected to contact HMRC on 0300 2003300 to confirm their correct tax code and then to contact the us on 01896
893049 to discuss the practical steps we can take to ensure that individuals receive the pension payments they are entitled to. Once new tax codes have been received, the Agency has a robust system in place to recalculate the correct tax amount and pay additional money as quickly as possible.

We regret that we are unable to speak to HMRC on an individual's behalf because of data protection protocols, which mean they will not discuss personal matters with the agency.

Notification of this problem can be found on the HMRC website

Individuals who believe that there is an issue with their tax code should contact HMRC to resolve any issue.

Link to Scottish Government Website