Opting out

arrowsThe NHSSS(S) and STSS are qualifying schemes and all eligible employees will be contractually included from the first day of employment.

However, following the introduction of Automatic Enrolment, there are two other occasions on which you will be enrolled into the scheme:

    • on your employers staging date, if you are not already an active member
    • every three years if you are still with the same employer and have opted out of the scheme

Your employer has, therefore, enrolled you into the scheme. However, ongoing membership of the scheme is not compulsory and you can choose to opt out at any time.

Following automatic enrolment, or if you are already a member of the scheme, you decide you do not wish remain in the scheme, you can opt out or cease active membership, by completing the Opt Out form and forwarding this to your employer.  A link to the guidance notes and form is provided below.



It is important that you read the guidance notes attached to the opt out form before you complete it to ensure that you are aware of what it is you are opting out of and the benefits of being in the scheme. If you opt out of the scheme, you will have no future claim on the scheme in respect of any period where you have opted out.


If you are a member of the NHS click here

If you are a member of the STSS click here

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