Am I eligible to join?

Membership of the New Firefighters' Pension Scheme is open to any person taking up employment with a Fire and Rescue Authority as a firefighter on terms under which he or she is, or may be, required to engage in firefighting.  Their role must include resolving operational incidents, or leading and supporting others in the resolution of such incidents (usually firefighters, crew or watch managers).  It does not matter what duty system they are contracted to work – they can be whole-time or part-time regular firefighters, volunteers, or retained duty system firefighters.  Other employees of the authority are members of the Local Government Pension Scheme.

If you are eligible, you will automatically join the Scheme when you start your employment.  Once admitted to the NFPS, if you are required to perform duties appropriate to your role but not specifically those outlined above.  So, if you become unfit for "operational" work, or if you are promoted to station manager or a more senior role, provided there is no break in the continuity of your employment you would be allowed to remain a member.

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