I'm getting divorced

What is the process to be followed?

You will need specific information about your LGPS benefits as part of the proceedings for a divorce, judicial separation or nullity of marriage, or for dissolution, separation or nullity of a civil partnership.  You or your solicitor should contact your Pension Fund administrator for this information, including an estimate of the cash equivalent value (CEV) of your pension rights.  The Court will take this value into account in your settlement.  In Scotland, only the pension rights built up during your marriage/civil partnership are taken into account.

You usually get one free CEV estimate each year.  Any other costs for supplying information or complying with a Court Order will be recovered from you and/or your ex-spouse or ex-civil partner in accordance with a schedule of charges available from your Pension Fund administrator.  All correspondence received by your Pension fund administrator in connection with divorce or dissolution proceedings will be acknowledged in writing.  The Court may offset the value of your pension rights against your other assets in the divorce/dissolution settlement or it may issue a Pension Sharing Order (qualifying agreements in Scotland) or an Earmarking Order against your pension.

    • Your ex-wife, ex-husband or ex-civil partner will cease to be entitled to a widow’s, widower’s or civil partner’s pension should you die before them.
    • Any children’s pension paid to an eligible child in the event of your death will not be affected by your divorce or dissolution.
    • If you have said that you would like your ex-wife, ex-husband or ex-civil partner to receive any lump sum death grant payable on your death by completing and returning an expression of wish form, this will remain in place unless you change it.  If your wishes change contact your Pension Fund administrator for a new form.  The Court may issue an Earmarking Order stating that all or part of any lump sum death grant is payable to your ex-spouse or ex-civil partner.

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