I'm thinking of going back to work

If you get a job after your retirement outside of local government with an employer that does not participate in the LGPS, your LGPS pension will not be affected.  If you get a job in local government or with an employer that participates in the LGPS, your pension may be reduced or suspended.  This is at the discretion of your administering authority and their policy on it must be included in a policy statement.

Your pension fund administrator must:

    • pay interest on lump sum benefits that are paid more than one month after they could have been paid.
    • pay interest on pensions that are paid more than a year after they should have been paid.

Your employer can:

    • reduce your pension benefits if you cease to be employed as a result of a criminal, negligent or fraudulent act, or omission as a result of which you have incurred some monetary obligation to your employer.
    • forfeit your pension rights if the Scottish Ministers agree and you have been convicted of a serious offence connected with your employment.

You are not allowed to assign your benefits, your LGPS benefits are strictly personal and cannot be assigned to anyone else or used as security for a loan.

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