Ending of National Recruitment and Retention Premia

A review of all existing National Recruitment and Retention Premia (NRRP) concluded that NRRP will cease from 31st March 2011 or be converted to a local RRP where appropriate.  Transitional arrangements were agreed so that NRRP currently in payment are protected for a transitional period of two years as follows:

    • Year one: 100% of payment at current value.
    • Year two: 50% of the payment at current value.

Long term NRRP payments counted as pensionable income therefore, members losing this payment will suffer a drop in the amount of income that is pensionable when payments cease permanently on 31st March 2013.

Members who are affected can apply to have their level of pay protected for pension purposes.  If you have suffered a drop in pensionable pay due to the withdrawal of NRRP, you have until 31st March 2013 to submit an application.  Application form VPP is available for this purpose and should be submitted to SPPA via your employer.

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