Parliamentary Statement on public sector pensions reform

scottish parliamentIn response to the UK Government's announcements on increasing public service pension contributions and the recent report by Lord Hutton of Furness, The Scottish Government's Finance Secretary, John Swinney, made a Parliamentary Statement on public sector pensions reform on 22nd June 2011.

In his statement he:

    • ¬†reiterated the Scottish Government's commitment to public service pensions that are affordable, sustainable and fair;
    • recognised that a case has been made for longer-term reform of public service pensions and committed the Scottish Government to consider that case in consultation with stakeholders;
    • recognised that many of the public sector pensions issues at stake are reserved to Westminster and that Scottish Ministers' options are constrained by a mixture of UK Government legal and financial constraints;
    • confirmed its opposition the UK Government's policy of increasing employee contributions to public sector schemes from April 2012;
    • urged the UK Government to reconsider that policy and the way it is handling public service pension reform;
    • confirmed that it is pressing for a more appropriate timetable for the Scottish Government to consider public service pension reform;
    • stated the Scottish Government's view that there is a need for consensus to be built around reform decisions and called for people not to strike while negotiations are ongoing.

The full statement can be read on the Scottish Parliament's website." 

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