nest eggYou will receive a pension for life plus, if you choose to commute part of it, a tax-free lump sum.

Your police pension is based on 1⁄60th of your average pensionable pay for each year of pensionable service up to 20 years, and 2⁄60ths of your average pensionable pay for each year over 20 years, up to a maximum of 40⁄60ths.

For example, 25 years’ service gives 30⁄60ths. Each day counts as 1⁄365th of a year. The maximum length of pensionable service that can count towards a PPS pension is 30 years.  You can exchange (‘commute’) part of your pension for a tax-free lump sum.

To find out more about pensions including pensionable pay, pensionable service and part-time working click on I want to know more about my pension benefits.


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