arrowsThere are a number of issues to consider before making a transfer:

      • You must apply for a transfer payment within six months of leaving the police service or opting out of PPS (twelve months for transfers to a public sector scheme);
      • You are not entitled to a deferred pension from PPS if you received a refund of contributions, a transfer will only be possible if you repay the refund first and you will not be able to have a transfer if you are within a year of reaching the age of 60;
      • The transfer value may not necessarily buy the same length of service in the new scheme - an estimate from the new scheme should provide an indication;
      • The range and type of benefits offered by another scheme may be quite different from those offered by PPS.

Your force's pensions administrator can provide an example of a transfer value calculation and more information about how PPS arrangements work, but cannot give specific advice on individual cases.

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