arrowsOn taking up your employment you would have been asked to give details about any previous membership of a pension scheme and to indicate whether you would like your fire and rescue authority to explore the possibility of a transfer of pension rights to the FPS.  The FPS can accept a transfer from:

    • another occupational pension scheme,
    • a personal or stakeholder pension scheme,
    • a retirement annuity contract

but will not accept a transfer of pension credit rights (i.e. rights based on a portion of the pension of a former spouse or civil partner as required under a pension sharing order on divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership).  Nor will a transfer be accepted if it does not meet certain "contracting out" requirements.  Earlier membership of the FPS will normally count automatically but you should ensure your fire and rescue authority are aware of it.  An application for a transfer must be made in writing.

Your fire and rescue authority will provide you with an estimate of the benefits such a transfer would "purchase" in the FPS.  You should compare this with any pension options offered by your previous scheme and decide, within the time limits, whether you wish the transfer to proceed.

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