NHS Superannuation Scheme (Scotland)

SPPA administers the National Health Service Superannuation Scheme (Scotland) on behalf of Scottish Ministers and are also responsible for scheme regulations.  SPPA is responsible for all administrative tasks carried out in respect of current and past (deferred) members and NHS pensioners.

You can find the current NHS Superannuation Scheme rules in the Regulations section of this site. Our Policy Branch are responsible for updating these regulations in line with the policies determined by the Scottish Parliament and the UK Government.

The scheme is statutory and guaranteed by law, providing pensions and life assurance for those employed by the NHS in Scotland. If you change employer and work in a different part of the UK, you may wish to transfer your pension rights to maintain a continuous pension record.

These pages are designed to provide as much information as possible, whether you are a current member, deferred member, a pensioner receiving benefits from the scheme, or an employer.


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