Customer Services


Customer Services is the largest branch of the SPPA and is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the pension schemes for the NHS, Teachers, Firefighters and Police Schemes in Scotland.


Corporate Services


The Agency’s Corporate Services Directorate covers the functions of  Human Resources, Corporate Training, IT, Project Management, Corporate Communications and Facilities Management.




The Finance Directorate comprises two teams, which deal with Agency Administration (running costs) and Scheme Administration (the pension schemes).




The role of Policy Branch is to prepare, in accordance with the policies of the UK Government and the Scottish Government, the regulations that govern the public service pension schemes, and associated arrangements, for which the Scottish Ministers have regulatory responsibility.

The SPPA reports directly to the Permanent Secretary of the Scottish Government. Day to day management is overseen by the individual Executive Directors and through the Senior Management Team collectively.

Penelope Cooper is Scottish Public Pensions Agency Chief Executive. She is supported by the Board, which includes the Senior Leadership Team and the Non-Executive Board Members.

Vacancies at the SPPA are advertised in the local press and Work for Scotland where external recruitment is required.





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