I want to know more about my pension benefits

Pensionable service

NPPS calculates benefits as a proportion of final 'pensionable pay' (usually pay in your last year of service as a member of the scheme) depending on length of service (known as 'pensionable service').  Service which counts for this purpose includes:

    • Your current service as a regular police officer during which you have paid pension contributions or for which you are deemed to have paid (e.g. any unpaid period in the first 26 weeks of maternity leave).
    • Earlier service in the same force, or in other GB police forces if you transferred to your present force from another force (again provided that you paid pension contributions in your earlier service and that these have not been refunded to you).
    • Earlier service with the Police Service of Northern Ireland, if you transferred with consent and you paid pension contributions which have not been refunded to you.
    • Periods of ‘relevant service’ under Section 97 of the Police Act 1996 (this includes appointments to the Inspectorate of Constabulary and certain types of overseas service) during which you have paid pension contributions. (officers contemplating overseas service are recommended to seek advice on the pension position before agreeing to undertake it).

Part-time service counts as pensionable service on a pro-rata basis.

Deferred Pension

You are entitled to a deferred pension if you are under 55 and have at two years to count towards qualifying service, and you either:

    • leave the police, or
    • cease to be a member of NPPS by opting out of it, without transferring your NPPS rights to another pension scheme.

The deferred pension will be based on your actual pensionable service and your final pensionable pay at the date on which you left the police or opted out.  It will be increased for inflation from the time that you leave the force or opt out of NPPS up to the date at which your benefits become payable (under Pensions Increase Act legislation).

If you leave the service or opt out of NPPS before age 55 then you can only be entitled to a deferred pension, regardless of how many years of pensionable service you have.  A deferred pension is paid from age 65.


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