NHS Scheme Calculators

This section of the website is dedicated solely to providing the facility for members to obtain estimates of benefits they may receive at retirement and the cost of purchasing additional pension. Please read "Pension estimates and annual statements" for further informationcalculator

Link: Pension Commutation Calculator (file: Excel 84.5kb)

Pension Commutation Calculator

This will also show you the maximum amount of pension you may commute to increase your lump sum. 

Please Note: If you are a member with Special Class or MHO status this Pension Commutation Calculator will not provide an accurate projection of benefits.  Please contact the Agency directly for an estimate.

Link to: Additional Pension Calculator (2.4mb xls)

Additional Pension Calculator


Warning: This Excel document does not have a digital signature and may be unavailable to some users due to Security reasons.  If you encounter any problems please contact the Agency directly regarding a quote for Purchasing Additional Pension.

If after using these calculators you are interested in any of the options available to you either:

    • Contact SPPA Staff directly to discuss or,
    • Complete the relevant application form which can be found in the Forms section.


NHS Employee Contribution Increase Calculator

This calculator is intended to illustrate the effect of the proposed, third year pension contribution increases to be implemented from 1st April 2014

calculator_icon Increased Contributions (From 1st April 2014)

This calculator is intended to illustrate the effect of the pension contribution increases to be implemented from 1st April 2013.

Link to: Increased Contributions Calculator (From 1st April 2013) (File: 63kb xls)

Increased Contributions Calculator (From 1st April 2013)


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