Short-term pensions

If you die in service or within a year of leaving service (because of ill-health) your widow, widower, civil partner or nominated partner will be paid a short-term pension which is the same as your pensionable pay at the time of your death.  Your employer usually pays it for three months from the day after your death.  A short-term pension is also payable for the same three months to any dependant children.  If there is no long-term pension payable to a spouse, civil partner, nominated partner or nominated dependant, and there is one or more eligible child, a short-term pension will be payable to them for six months.

If you die after you retire, a short-term pension will be paid to your widow, widower, civil partner or nominated partner based upon the pension you were receiving when you died. 

If you die having left employment but not applied for your retirement benefits, there would be no short-term pension paid.

Long-term pensions

On the cessation of any short-term pensions, the long-term pensions are put into payment.  This pension is equal to 1/160th of your final pensionable salary, multiplied by the amount of Family Benefits service accrued.  The long-term pension is only payable if you had accrued at least two years qualifying service within the STSS. 

If you are a male and you marry after you leave pensionable employment only service form 6th April 1978 will count for a widow's pension.  If you are a female and you marry after you leave pensionable employment only service from 6th April 1988 will count for a widower's pension.  If you leave pensionable employment and then register a civil partnership only service from 6th April 1988 will count for a civil partner's pension.

Children's pension are paid for children under the age of 17, and to older children if they are in full time education up to age 23.  A child's pension will end if they marry or enter a civil partnership.

If there is no spouse, civil partner or dependant's long term pension payable, an orphan's pension may be paid.  This will be at a higher rate than the child's rate of pension.

Duration of long-term pensions

Long-term pensions are paid immediately after the short-term pension stops or from the day after death.  Pension will end in the event of the recipients death, remarriage, cohabitation or if a new civil partnership is registered if the member's pension came into payment before 1st April 2007.  If the member dies on or after 1st April 2007 the adult dependant's pension will be payable for life.

Children's pension are paid for children under the age of 17 and for older children up to the age of 23 if they are not married and have not formed a civil partnership and have been engaged in full-time education or in certain kinds of training since reaching the age of 17 without a break of more than one year.

Pensions can continue after age 23 if a child is dependant because of ill-health.

Applications for family pensions should be made on the Death Benefits Application Form or by contacting us.  


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