Refund of Contributions

Members who leave teaching employment in Scotland or ‘Opt Out’ of our scheme without qualifying for pension benefits may be able to apply for a refund of their pension contributions.

There are no time limits to when a member can apply for a refund, but for a member to be entitled to a refund they must not qualify for benefits, hence the member must have:

    • Less than two years pensionable employment on or after 6th April 1988;
    • Less than five years pensionable employment at any time other than above;

Note: This is the calendar period and not the number of Superannuation Days worked.


If a part-time member worked from 10th April 2004 to 13th April 2007, accruing a reckonable service total of one year 10 days you may think that you are entitled to a refund.


The calendar period of contract is three years four days which means you are entitled for pension benefits rather than a refund.

A refund cannot be paid where a member has previously transferred service into the STSS from a Pension Plan or Section 32 Scheme

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