How much do I pay towards my pension?


Wholetime Pensionable pay band   Current rate   Contribution rate increase from 2014/15  Contribution rate 2014/15  
 £27,00 and under  12.2%  0.3%  12.5%
 £27,001 - £60,000  13.5%  0.75%  14.25%
 Over £60,000  14%  1.05%  15.05%


    • You need at least two years qualifying service for a pension.  If you have at least two years qualifying service, you will be entitled to at least a deferred pension payable at age 60.
    • You need at least 25 years service for an ordinary pension (payable from age 50 or after 30 years service if earlier).  If you have less than 25 years pensionable service at retirement, you are entitled to a pension based on your pensionable service.  This is known as a 'short service pension'.
    • The maximum pension is two-thirds of pay.  Your pension benefits cannot exceed the maximum  and 30 years service is required for a maximum pension.


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