Here we detail answers to some commonly asked questions concerning the NHS Scheme.

Transferring Service

Q. What is a pension transfer?

A. A pension transfer involves the payment to the NHSSS(S) of a sum of money from another pension scheme.  This money represents what you have built up through membership in that scheme. 

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Leaving the Scheme

Q. Can I transfer my benefits out of the NHS scheme?

A. If you leave the NHS scheme, you may be able to transfer your benefits out of the scheme to:

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Q. What if I become too ill to work?

A. You may be able to retire early because of ill-health. An application to retire early because of ill-health should be made to your employer. The application must be supported by medical evidence and you may have to have a medical examination by the SPPA’s medical advisers.

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Q. When can I retire?

A. For members of the 1995 section, the minimum age at which you can claim your pension is 50, however your pension and lump sum are reduced to allow for the fact that they are being paid earlier than expected. Normal pension age for members in the 1995 section is 60. For those who joined from 1st April 2008 the minimum pension age is 55 and normal retirement age is 65.

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