Opting Out

While membership of the NHS Pension Scheme is automatic, it is not compulsory. You can choose to opt out at any time, after you have been automatically enrolled, by completing form OPT OUT. This can be obtained from our website. The form OPT OUT should be completed and forwarded to your employer.

If you opt out of the scheme and remain in employment, your employer will automatically re-enrol you back into the scheme in three years and three yearly thereafter.

If you have opted out, you can re-enter the scheme at any time while in reckonable service. If you decide to join or rejoin the scheme, you should write to your employer.

Before making any decision to opt out of the NHS scheme, you should compare the cost of your options and the relative merits of the package of benefits provided by the pension scheme). Advice can be sought from an independent financial adviser or your professional association.

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