Protection Arrangements - FAQs

Q1. What is Protection?

A. 'Protection' is the arrangement whereby certain members will remain in the current  NPA60/65 arrangements beyond
31st March 2015 (see Q4 & Q5).

Q2. Who do the Protection arrangements apply to?

A. All active members of the current scheme, who, as at 1st April 2012, were either already over their normal pension age (see Q4) or 10 years or less from their normal pension age are entitled to full Protection. Active members who, as at 1st April 2012, were more than 10 years, but less than 13 years and 6 months from their normal pension age are eligible for limited Protection. We call this Tapered Protection.

Q3. What is normal pension age (NPA)?

A. Age 60 for members who were in the STSS prior to 1 April 2007 (pre-2007 entrants) and age 65 for members who joined on 1st April 2007 or later (post 2007 or later entrants).

Q4. What is full Protection?

A. Full Protection is not being compelled to move to the new arrangement on 1st April 2015 and instead continuing to remain in your existing section of the Scheme.

Q5. How is tapered Protection different to full Protection?

A. Tapered Protection means you will join the new arrangements from a date determined by your age in years and months as at 1st April 2012.

Q6. How is the tapered Protection period calculated?

A. Tapered Protection is based on how many months beyond 10 years you were away from your normal pension age (NPA) as at 1st April 2012. For each month beyond 10 years, the protection period is reduced by two months.

Q7. Can Protection status be lost?

A. Yes you will lose Protection if you leave the STSS on or after 1st April 2012 and do not re-join within 5 years.

Q8. Can I opt out of Protection?

A. No.  Members who have full protection cannot choose to move to the 2015 scheme and members who have tapered protection cannot move to the 2015 at an earlier date.

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