Estimated Pension Benefits and Annual Benefit Statements (ABS)

UK Pensions legislation requires that administrators of occupational pension schemes must disclose pension details to individual members. This can be provided automatically or on request, but no more than once in a 12 month period.

Estimates and Annual Benefit Statements will be based on salary and service details supplied by employing authorities. Any requests for pension estimates must be made in writing (or e-mail) and include member identity details, home address and details of the information required.

Please note that every effort is made to ensure pension estimates are accurate but members should be aware that they are estimated figures only. Exact figures for retirement benefits cannot be given until such time as final pay and service details are known and an application for retirement benefits has been made in accordance with the scheme rules.


Type of estimate request and what will be provided

Annual Benefit Statement (ABS)

SPPA will provide annual benefit statements (ABS) to active members via the My Pension - Online Member Service. This facility can be used to view and print statements. An ABS can be provided on request, for members who do not have access to the online member service.

Online calculators are available on our website which allow you to estimate pension and lump sum options. Please refer to Calculator Guidance Notes for Practitioners.

If your ABS in not available through My Pension- Online Member Service and you have not received an estimate in the last 12 months, this can be requested.

Note: Practitioner ABS are available 12 months in arrears.

Members with Protection of Pay, Tax implications or disqualifying breaks in pensionable employment can also request an estimate free of charge.


Estimated Retirement Benefits (Age and Early)

If you are an active member, have reached the minimum pension age of 55 and intend to retire in the next 12 months, we can estimate your potential retirement benefits upon request.

If you are a preserved member with service, have reached the minimum pension age of 55 and intend to retire in the next 12 months, you can estimate your potential retirement benefits using our NHS Preserved Calculator on our website

Note: If your minimum pension age is 50 (1995 members with active service between 30 March 2000 and 05/04/2006, you will need to request an estimate as this is not currently available on the calculator. You will still need to be within 12 months of your intended retirement date.


Estimated Ill Health Retirement Benefits

If you have submitted an application for Ill Health Retirement (AW8 or AW8P) and have ticked Further Information under Commutation, this will be provided if your application is successful. If you have not ticked further information on your application and wish to see your options you can request this.


Estimated Partial Retirement Benefits

An estimate of pension benefits based on partial retirement and your intended percentage of benefits as specified in the request can be provided upon request.


Estimated Premature Retirement Benefits (Redundancy / Interests of Efficiency (IOE))

An estimate of pension benefits for premature retirement where minimum pension age has been reached and intended retirement date is within 12 months.

Note: This type of request can only be accepted from an employer.


Estimated Benefits Protection of Pay or multiple breaks in membership

An estimate of pension benefits taking account of protection of pay or multiple breaks in membership.

Note: This type of request can only accepted from members who are within 12 months or have passed their normal pension age.


Members or their representatives, have the option of requesting additional estimates covering scenarios of their choice, however, this will incur an administration charge, details of which can be found here. If the request is from a representative acting on your behalf (including your employing authority), the Agency must adhere to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and require written confirmation that you are aware of the request.


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