Contacts - NHS Scheme

informationThe SPPA telephone system utilises voice recognition technology which allows
callers to say the name of the person they wish to speak to ensuring that they
get through to the person they want first time.

    • Upon dialling you will be greeted with an option to say the name of the
      person or department you wish to speak to.
    • If you know the name of the person you wish to speak to please say their full
      name, otherwise consult the table below for the appropriate keyword which will
      ensure you get to the department you want.

         Telephone    01896 893 000
         Fax    01896 893 214


         NHS Awards

The Awards team are responsible for the administration of all types of
pension event, including age retirement, ill health retirement, death and family

         NHS Service

The Service team are responsible for general record maintenance, refunds,
additional pension, MHO and special class queries and the administration of GP
Practice staff membership.

         NHS Transfers

The Transfer team are responsible for all transfers into and out of the

         NHS Practitioners

The Practitioners team are responsible for all pension events and enquiries from
scheme members who are General Medical Practitioners and Dental Practitioners.
They deal with active or preserved members who have had service as
practitioners as any point in their career.

         General Enquiries

Please use this contact form if you are not a scheme member or pensioner.

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