Special Classes

Special Class members are those who:

(i) were in pensionable employment as a nurse, physiotherapist, midwife or health visitor before 1st April 1995, 

(ii) have accrued rights to benefits in a special class post in a previous period of NHS employment and have a break in service of no more than five years before returning to work for the last five years of pensionable employment in a special class post. 

Normal Retirement Age (NRA) for all Special Class members is age 55. 

For male Special Class members, benefits for retirement at age 55 will only be based on service from 17th May 1990. For male members who have service before 17th May 1990, separate benefits will be paid, service before 17th May 1990 will have normal retirement age of 60. 

A male member can:

(i) claim voluntary early retirement benefits with actuarial reduction for this period of service before age 60, or

(ii) preserve benefits for this period of service claim them at age 60. 


Special Class Status will be lost if members: 

(i) move to a post which does not qualify for Special Class status and do not return to a Special Class post within five years, 

(ii) have a break in service of more than five years. 

If members who hold Special Class Status are made redundant without becoming entitled to an immediate pension they may in certain circumstances retain their right to retire at age 55. 

Members who hold Special Class Status can have maximum service of 45 years at age 65. 

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