What information is required by the Agency for implementation?

1. What information is required to enable parties to decide whether Pension Sharing is for them?

2. What is a CETV?

3. Can I replace the share of my pension benefits that go to my former spouse?

4. Can I transfer my pension benefits to another scheme?

5. What about my ex-spouse?

6. When does the former spouse get their share of their benefits awarded in the Pension Sharing Order?

7. What will it cost?

8. What information is required by the Agency for implementation?

      1. The final divorce decree.
      2. Pension Sharing Order or Qualifying Agreement including the information required by the Pensions on Divorce (Provision of Information) Regulations 2000 Section 5.
      3. The administration charges for implementing the Order.

The Agency requests that a draft copy of Orders or Qualifying Agreements is forwarded prior to finalising the divorce. This can save considerable time and costs involved in the event that an Order cannot be implemented in the Scheme.
The Agency recommends that all divorcing couples take independent legal and financial advice prior to seeking a Pension Sharing Agreement.

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