Q. When can I retire?

A. For members of the 1995 section, the minimum age at which you can claim your pension is 50, however your pension and lump sum are reduced to allow for the fact that they are being paid earlier than expected. Normal pension age for members in the 1995 section is 60. For those who joined from 1st April 2008 the minimum pension age is 55 and normal retirement age is 65.


Q. If I decide I want to retire, what do I do?

A. Firstly you should discuss your plans with your line manager/ HR Department and agree a retirement date that suits you and your employer.


Q. I want to retire but I’m not sure of how much my pension and lump sum will be?

A.  SPPA provide annual statements to active members via 'My Pension-online member service' on our website This service can be used to view and print annual statements or use the online calculators to estimate pension and lump sum options. Annual online statements will be updated each year.

If you require further information you should either write or email to  SPPA, 7 Tweedside Park, Tweedbank, Galashiels, TD1 3TE.


Q. Where do I get the application form?

A. Your employer will provide you with the appropriate application form, however, they can be downloaded from our website  or if you contact SPPA and we will send you the appropriate form in the post.


Q. I have received the application form however I’m having trouble completing the form?

A. Contact NHS Awards at SPPA  01896893000 or your employer's HR Department for advice on completing the form.


Q. I’ve completed the form and have copies of the necessary certificates what do I do now?

A. Pass your form and enclosures back to your employer, they will the complete your salary details and forward to SPPA on your behalf.


Q. How much notice do SPPA need that I plan to retire?

A. We would advise that you get the forms to us at least three months before your retirement, this ensures that we have plenty of time to process and issue payment on time. It also gives us time to query any problems with the application and arrange for any issues to be resolved before your retirement date thus not delaying payment.


Q. What if I only work part-time?

A. Members who work part-time have their accrued service and final year's pensionable pay converted to the equivalent full-time amounts.


Q. What if my final year’s pensionable pay is reduced?

A. For most members their final year's pensionable pay is usually the highest of their working life. However we do look at pensionable pay in
previous years and, if appropriate, take that into account.


Q. Will I get a State Pension as well?

A. You will normally qualify for a flat-rate retirement pension. The State Pension age calculator provides the date at which you can get your State Pension under the current law.



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