Scottish Teachers Scheme Calculators

If you would like an estimate of your pension and lump sum, please go to MyPension, or write to us, providing your date of birth, superannuation number (if known) or national insurance number.

Please read "Pension estimates and annual statements" for further information





Teachers Pension Calculator

Protected Teachers Resource Account Calculator 2019 

Teachers Guidance for Meeting Disclosure Requirements 

Resource Template- Unprotected Member April-March Reporting Year

Resource Template- Unprotected Member August - July Reporting Year

Purchasing Additional Pension

Please be aware we are having technical difficulties with the Additional Pension Calculator. Contact SPPA in the interim. 

Warning: the factors used on the calculator are subject to change, we apply the up-to-date factors at the time of application.

Warning: This Excel document does not have a digital signature and may be unavailable to some users due to Security reasons.  If you encounter any problems please contact the Agency directly regarding a quote for Purchasing Additional Pension.Please note: only contributing STSS members can purchase Additional Pension.

Partner's Benefits Modeller

This will show you the cost of purchasing any service prior to 1st April 2007 to be counted towards any partners benefits which may be payable in the event of your death.


Re-employment Calculator

If you have been re-employed after retiring on age or premature grounds, please use this calculator to estimate how much you may earn without your pension being affected.  Please contact the agency if you are approaching your limit.

If after using these calculators you are interested in any of the options available to you please contact the SPPA staff directly or complete the relevant application form which can be found in the forms section of the site.


STSS Employee Contribution Increase Calculator

This calculator is intended to illustrate the effect of the proposed pension contribution increases to be inmplemented from 1st April 2014.

Increased Employee Contributions (from 1st April 2014)

This calculator is intended to illustrate the effect of the pension contribution increases to be implemented from 1st April 2014. 


Increased Employee Contributions (from 1st April 2013)








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