New members of staff

If you have a new member of staff who is eligible to join the Scottish Teachers' Superannuation Scheme you should automatically begin to deduct contributions from their salary at a rate of 6.4% of their earnings. 

You should inform the SPPA immediately that this person has commenced their employment with you by completing the Small Employer Template which is available in the Forms section of the website.  Form TSS1 should be completed.  The details provided on this form will be used to create a record for the member. 

Any person who has commenced employment having recently graduated should have been assigned a unique reference number by the General Teaching Council (GTC) when they registered with them.  This number is also used as their Superannuation Number.  If your new employee is not registered with the GTC, for example, if they are a lecturer in a University or have moved from working in industry to lecture in a college, they will not have a GTC number and will be assigned a Special Inclusion Number by SPPA which will become their Superannuation Number.  In these circumstances, SPPA will inform you and the new member of thier Superannuation Number. 

As well as providing the SPPA with this information, please advise your member of staff that they can find a copy of the STSS Member's Guide and the information leaflet, Joining the STSS, from the Guides section of the website. The SPPA would also encourage employers to make all members aware of our website and promote the resources which are available to staff. 

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