I want to retire. What are my options?

retirementYou should apply to SPPA about four months before the date of your retirement or when your benefits are due. You can obtain an application form from your employer if you are employed, otherwise it can be obtained from the Forms and Factsheets section or by contacting SPPA.

Qualifying for Benefits

This means becoming entitled to a pension when you retire.  You will qualify for benefits if you complete:

    • two years pensionable employment at any time after 5th April 1988.
    • two years pensionable employment at any time, if you were in pensionable employment on 6th April 1988; or
    • five years pensionable employment at any time.

If you are in part-time pensionable employment, the whole period counts towards the above qualifying periods.  But only the days you actually work will count towards your benefits.  So if you work half-time for a year, this counts as one year's qualification, but only six month for calculating your benefits.

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