Age 55 increase

Before your 55th birthday we will calculate your new annual pension rate and apply pension increase to your pension. We will write to you to let you know the value of your new annual pension. If you turn 55 part way through your payment period you will receive a part month increase, based on your pension before age 55 and pension at age 55. Your next payment will reflect a full month increase.

Please note SPPA do not provide estimates of age 55 increases. You will be notified of the actual increase in the month before your birthday.

If you are under age 55 and are in receipt of a pension for any of the reasons below, your pension will be increased each year from the pension start date:

  • You retired on ill-health 
  • You are in receipt of an injury benefit
  • You are in receipt of a widow(er), civil partner, partner or child pension

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