What will happen in the event of my death?

It is important that we are notified of a death of a pensioner as soon as possible so we can stop pension payments and to prevent any overpayment of pension. We can be contacted us on the details below, please ensure the following details are provided:

  •  The pensioner's name
  •  Their date of death
  •  Their National Insurance Number and/or 9 digit pension reference
  •  Details of any surviving spouse/partner/dependent children
  •  Name and address of solicitor/executor dealing with their estate.

We will also ask for a photocopy of the full death certificate for our records, which can be posted or emailed to us.

Once we have been informed of the death of a pensioner we will close their record to prevent further payments being made.

If the member has left a surviving dependant we will issue a form to them and once returned to us it will allow us to determine death benefits payable. Additional documents we will need when returning this form are marriage/civil partnership certificate, dependants' birth certificate(s) and the member's death certificate if it hasn't already been sent to us.

Death Nomination Form 

Contact Information:

Police and Fire Payroll Department

Scottish Public Pensions Agency
7 Tweedside Park

Telephone: 01896 893080

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